Spring Forward

Spring Forward

Spring forward


With the days getting longer and bursts of sunlight appearing more often, it feels as though winter may finally be drawing to a close. Fresh starts abound; and with the season of spring often the most exciting of all in the interior design realm, 2017 looks set to be no different. But first a quick word of warning: there are some stunning trends heading our way; but go with your instinct. Don’t redecorate simply to ensure your home is ‘on-trend’; instead pick and choose the rooms that need the most attention and go from there. 


If you go into the woods…

Wood panelling is going to be well and truly revived this spring – but this trend is as far from those deep, dark, timber clad drawing rooms of old as you can get. Instead, these wood panels will be in tile form, featuring in all colours and every grain texture – from light grey to deep orange hues. Because of the versatility and durability of porcelain tiles, onto which these patterns will be printed, wood panels will be seen everywhere from the kitchen, to the bathroom and beyond.

Metal rocks

Copper - it was good while it lasted but this super shiny material should be left in 2016, as this year we’ll be moving from high sheen to materials that feature more texture. The depth of brass will work wonderfully against smooth surfaces, like marble – a current favourite that shows no sign of falling out of fashion anytime soon.


Cosy feels

The mixing and matching of striking patterns in textures, such as on throws and pillows, will be seen everywhere from the bedroom to the lounge. This design direction has been developing for some time, and it follows a relaxation from strictly controlled layouts and interiors, to more informal, welcoming and comforting homes. Along the same track, will be quilted effect items, think cosy headboards, cushioned couches and statement armchairs.

Brown is the new black

Rich hazelnut browns will be the order of a spring day, dramatically contrasting against the pale woods and tan leathers of the 2016 just gone by. You may not feel overly excited by the idea of a colour palette formed from browns, but remember - the vivid greenery trend will be here all year through, making for a formidable partner when coupled with a deep, contrasting brown. Popular textures to team with hazelnut shades will be smoky oak furniture and chocolate leather fabrics.

Light show

Lighting has been a key interior design focus for a number of years, and spring 2017 will bring bigger, bolder and more exciting lighting designs to literally every corner of the home. Re-imagine your lighting as an accessory for the home - artistic centre pieces that should make a statement. Designs that have already caught our attention include retro inspired spheres, tube floor lamps and minimalist brass rectangular light shades.


It seems that many industries are undergoing a handmade, artisan revolution – everything from beer to clothing lines. Spring 2017 will be the turn for the interior design industry – with handcrafted furniture created by masters of their trade. Finally, it is time to move away from mass-produced products and opt for genuine originality.


Saying it with flowers

Nature is an often seen trend for the spring season, and this year it will be flowers that take centre stage. This trend will be a versatile one – from fresh daffodil clippings in a vase, to the subtle floral patterns on your bone china. For walls, opt for pretty, pale pastels - an approach that can allow you to opt for a large, oversized flower pattern. Safe to say that the key interior design trends for spring 2017 are representing quite the change from the 12 months previous. 

Top Tips for embracing spring trends

  1. Don’t undertake unnecessary jobs just to be in vogue
  2. But if you do have a space you would love to give a spring makeover, dive in!
  3. Try adding the odd ‘on-trend’ accessory to rooms you don’t want to re-do
  4. Combine browns and greens for a look that will last seasons
  5. For an ambitious change rethink your home’s lighting scheme

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