EDIT Home & Design Delivery - Interior Products Delivered

You must make all arrangements necessary to take delivery of products when we deliver them in accordance with the stated delivery times for the delivery charge you have paid.  If you do not accept delivery of the product or we are unable to deliver or are delayed in delivering products because of your actions or omissions then we may charge you and you will be liable to pay us for all costs we incur.


Late Delivery


  1. EDIT Home & Design will not under any circumstances entertain any financial demands from the customer for late or incorrect delivery.  We always recommend that you never book a tiler or other workmen until the goods have been delivered and inspected.
  2. Online delivery times are given as a guideline and we will contact you with a delivery date.
  3. Promises of dates for delivery are given conditionally upon being able to secure the necessary material and without responsibility for delays through risks of manufacture, strikes, accidents or other causes beyond our control.