How To Bring Pattern Into Your Home

How To Bring Pattern Into Your Home

My ultimate guilty pleasure is flicking through decades-old home magazines to reminisce about the looks of old. And the one thing that constantly strikes me is just how much pattern used to be around. Wallpaper, curtains, sofas and carpets all clashed beautifully, only to be phased out as well fell in love with the minimalist look. But following last year’s obsession with all-things Hygge, homes are becoming increasingly cosy once more, with colours and patterns being used more frequently to add depth and interest. But it isn’t for everyone and if you’re unsure how to introduce pattern without overwhelming your existing interior, start small.


The accessories

Accessories are the perfect place to experiment with pattern. Tableware and napkins will add vibrancy in the dining room, while towels and toothbrush holders will draw attention in the bathroom. The great thing about patterned accessories is usually they are easy to replace should you decide it is not the look for you. They are also great for finding your feet, exploring which shapes and colours work together and how they interact with the light in your home. And once you have the accessories sussed you can move on to bigger things.



The furniture

Investing in a new standout piece of furniture is always a big deal and opting for a piece of brightly-patterned furniture can be even more daunting. But buy right and they will look fabulous. Occasional armchairs are perfect for pattern. They are large enough to grab attention but not too big that they will dominate the whole room. In the bedroom, plump headboards are making a comeback and are suitably sized to hold a chunky pattern. And if you want to add pattern to a hallway, why not shop around some second-hand stores or vintage emporiums for an upcycled patterned retro bureau or chest of drawers. Not only are these extremely practical when it comes to clearing up clutter, but they will add a focal point in a space often devoid of one.



The walls

There are so many options for adding pattern to walls. Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways, but instead of re-papering an entire room why not create a feature wall or highlight an alcove? Another way to introduce pattern would be through artwork. Artwork ranges in price from high quality, yet low priced prints, to bespoke, tailor-made paintings, so there is something for all tastes and budgets. You could even have a go making your own. Get a small wallpaper sample from your local DIY shop and a plain, chunky frame and voila! Pattern at half the price.



The floor

Patterned carpets used to be everywhere; not anymore. Nowadays if you want a vibrant floor covering tiles are your best bet. There are plenty of patterned floor tiles and if you choose a porcelain range – such as those from The Baked Tile Company – you can keep these in top condition with the minimum of effort. Tiles can be used in any room in the house too, gone are the days when they were simply relegated to the bathroom or kitchen. However, replacing all your floor coverings throughout your home with tiles can be pricey; so a more budget-friendly option would be to add interest with a rug. You can get rugs of all shapes and sizes and not only will they bring depth, colour and pattern to a room, they will protect your existing flooring from any unsightly stains.


Jacky’s Top Tips for Introducing Pattern

  1. Start small, especially if you are used to a minimalist décor
  2. Experiment with reasonably-priced and second-hand accessories
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match clashing patterns
  4. If you love pattern, embrace it on big ticket purchases
  5. Flooring is difficult to replace so make sure you are certain before changing

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