Latest Bathroom Look - Freestanding Luxury

Latest Bathroom Look - Freestanding Luxury

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again where we are wrapping up in our winter coats and pulling out our scarves and boots as the bitter winds and cold temperatures set in. In this weather, I find there is nothing more comforting than returning from a hard day at the office and having a long, hot soak in the bath to help overcome any colds and sniffles. Your bathroom is far more than a practical space, but a place within the home to relax and unwind and incorporating a freestanding bath is the perfect way to help you wash your troubles away.

Model Featured: Bateau Bath - William Holland

If your bathroom is in need of an added sense of luxury, then a freestanding bath could be the missing piece to the puzzle. After all, the freestanding models that are now available are far more than a functional product, but a focal piece and a design statement. Whether you are catering for an ultra-modern or traditional décor, a freestanding bath will not only bring comfort to your bathroom, but will also inject a touch of sophisticated glamour! When it comes to choosing your ideal freestanding bath, it is important to think about where it will be installed, as in order to achieve the best results, it will need to have a centre stage position. Whilst freestanding baths are best suited to bathrooms of a considerable size, if you are catering for a compact space then opt for a design that has a straight edge at the back of the bath so that it can be fitted flush against the wall.

Featured Model: Bateau Bath - William Holland

If you live in a period property, or you are looking to bring character to your bathroom, then a traditional, freestanding bath will help you to set the scene. Cast iron baths are still available to purchase, however most manufacturers now offer an acrylic alternative. Not only are they lighter and therefore more practical to install, but they are easier to maintain and will retain the water temperature for longer. To achieve a traditional look, opt for a Victorian slipper style bath, or a decorative claw feet design.

Model Featured: Barcelona - Victoria + Albert

A modern bathroom can equally benefit from the luxury of a freestanding bath. A contemporary, sculptural bath can be the icing on the cake for a minimalist, sleek bathroom setting. Many acrylic baths will be available in a range of different colours, so if you wanted to break up a neutral décor often found with modern interior schemes, then a bold, vibrant freestanding bath may just be the thing you’ve been looking for. Alternatively, a matte white design will work to create a tranquil, harmonious atmosphere, allowing you to have your own personal spa in the comfort of your own home.

Model Featured: DCDesigns, Mistley Bath

Make a splash with the design of freestanding bath you choose. With so many of us now taking influence from high-end boutique hotels and guest houses, you may also like to consider incorporating a freestanding bath within your master bedroom. The biggest problem you will have is choosing from so many beautiful designs!

Model Featured: Aequs Bath, Willliam Holland

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