Getting Your House Summer Ready Without Spending a Fortune

Getting Your House Summer Ready Without Spending a Fortune

As an interior designer, I love lusting over the latest colour palettes and every season I await the upcoming trends with a child-like sense of excitement. And this summer is no exception. There are some fabulous trends heading our way which I cannot wait to sink my teeth into. But for the homeowner, finding the time – not to mention the money – to keep up with seasonal changes can be a challenge. So as summer fast approaches, I have handpicked the hottest trends – for both the house and garden – and explain how you can get the look in your home quickly and on a budget.


Introduce a touch of the tropics

Tropical greens, leaves and lush jungle patterns are going to be in all summer long – but you needn’t invest in expensive fabrics or commit to a time-consuming re-papering of a wall. Simply purchase some canvas prints and place them against the backdrop of a pale wall. If you are feeling particularly crafty you could even make your own. Simply tack together wood to make a frame, buy a small square of your favourite tropical print and staple the fabric in place over the frame and voila!

Team your prints with a few savvy purchases from your local charity shop of green, blown-glass ornaments. Place these on a sideboard, shelf or half table that sits underneath the art for an effective focal point.


Freshen up your feature wall

Exposed brickwork... is there a more intimidating job in the world of DIY? The dust, the elbow grease and the need to chemically treat the wall to remove tough mortar... seriously, it’s a lot of work.



Thankfully, you can now invest in wall tiles with a subtle faux brickwork pattern that look amazing on walls. And while there will be some initial outlay for the tiles, they are super easy to maintain so you can be sure they will look great for years to come.


Go geometric with simple accessories

The geometric trend can demand complex paint jobs, the laying of intricate monochrome flooring or the purchasing of expensive art deco inspired furniture.



Yet this trend can be just as effective when worked through accessories, such as rugs, cushions or lampshades. All you need to bear in mind is that these accessories need a room with a neutral colour palette to work well.


Go retro with your patio furniture

This season is all about retro outdoor furniture – think natural materials, woven styles and crochet techniques; with that in mind, hot foot it down to your local second-hand furniture shop before everyone else snaps up the totally on-vogue 1970s rattan and wicker pieces.



Create ambient evening lighting

This summer is going to throw the spotlight on fun, funky lighting – and there can be few as on-trend as glass jars filled with solar lights hanging from trees, or looped over a rope that runs the length of your garden.



Other ideas include introducing interest with colour changing LEDs for your funky outdoor furniture, safely-placed bamboo torch candles to highlight your pathways and uplighters to illuminate any key plants or patio areas.


Whitewash it all

The Scandinavian look continues to influence our interiors and out in the great outdoors there’s going to be a real whitewash – decking, walls, fabrics, gates and fences. And the best bit? This trend is all about a rustic, relaxed look so doing a very rough job, missing bits and working quickly through your painting is essential – hurrah for the Scandinavians!


Jacky’s top tips for summer styling

  1. Pick and choose your jobs wisely; don’t take on too many at once
  2. If you love spending the summer outside, focus on exterior jobs
  3. Don’t adopt trends just because they are in vogue – go with your gut
  4. Unsure if a look will work in your home? Start small or seek advice from an interior designer
  5. Team high end products with charity shop finds for an eclectic look

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