The Hottest Interior Must Have of 2017

The Hottest Interior Must Have of 2017

Excited about radiators?

Are you ready to get excited about radiators? You should be… Radiators were once in the home purely for practical purposes – providing heat and somewhere to precariously prop a cuppa. But in today’s fast-moving world of interiors, these previously innocuous items have transformed into something really rather beautiful – helping to secure their place as this year’s hottest home essential.  


Farewell to the traditional…

The era of the traditional radiator – underperforming, bulky, ugly things hastily hidden with wooden radiator coverings – is over. The evolution of this humble chunk of metal began in the bathroom with the introduction of towel warmers. As these designs naturally advanced into ever more beautiful radiators, the rest of the home began to catch on – traditional radiators moved from plain, uninspiring single panels, to slim, lightweight multi-panels. Finishes such as mirror, brushed chrome, and matt colour metals introduced interest and radiators experienced a resurgence. Perhaps most notable of which are retro mock Victorian style radiators, which contrast especially well in all kinds of settings, from industrial inspired rooms to sleek minimalist apartments. Radiators of today feature in every shape and colour imaginable. Horizontal radiators sleekly fit into challenging spaces, whilst vertical radiators make the most of smaller rooms beyond the kitchen or bathroom. In every sense, modern radiators can now be a beautiful interior design focal point.

Colour and contrast

The fact that radiators are now available in any and every colour means that you can choose, should you so desire, 2017’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Greenery, for your feature radiator. This bright, vibrant colour works most effectively when contrasting against a pale, neutral wall. Bisque is a name synonymous with bold, bright and inspiring radiators that are most certainly contemporary, and are just one of the designer radiator brands we stock at Taylors Etc. To say that they push the design boundaries would be a woeful understatement and the latest collection includes striking radiators in etched copper and brass finishes, and classic-style radiators colour-matched to some of today’s most popular paint ranges.

Timeless elegance

The beauty of the expanding choice of radiators means there is something for all tastes. And while some will always pick bright and bold, others may wish to go for something a little more timeless. There is something classically beautiful about a traditional bathroom towel rail, like those from Imperial Bathrooms. Imperial Bathrooms showcase quality craftsmanship and design, with each of their products handcrafted in the West Midlands, England. The Imperial Bathrooms collection of radiators spans both towel warmers and traditional, mock Victorian style radiators suited for the bathroom and home.

Pale palettes

In the wider interior design world, we’re going to see lots of palettes of pale white and cream – something that really provides free rein as to the vibrancy of fittings and furnishings. On this base, a pop of red, orange or yellow radiator will really create a captivating focal point. Hotech radiators are imposing and individual in equal measure – perhaps the epitome of cutting-edge contemporary radiator design. The choice of radiators available from Hotech is staggering. They are available in all manner of designs, including a man’s muscly torso, an abstract outline of the female form, paint splodges and feathers. But Hotech also offer some strikingly simple designs that are hugely effective, such a bold vertical radiators that are sure to create a focal point wherever they are placed. 

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