How To Create The Ultimate Entrance Hall in Your Home

How To Create The Ultimate Entrance Hall

THE opening scene of a film is hugely significant. It sets the look, tone and plot for the rest of the movie. The same can be said of your home’s entrance hall. Often, the hallway is last on your DIY to-do list. After all, it doesn’t have quite the same ‘value-adding’ potential as a great kitchen and bathroom, and it’s not a room you unwind in like the living area and the bedroom. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. It’s the spot you last see before leaving the house and the one that greets you after a tough day at work. It’s also the first glimpse visitors will get into your home, and first impressions do count. But with some careful planning and a little bit of hardwork, you too could create your own award-winning showstopper.


Floor show

The flooring options in a hallway are endless; from attention-grabbing tiles to classic wooden flooring and even lush carpet. It’s entirely dependent on personal taste and of course, budget. But there are a few things to take into consideration. Primarily, the hallway is the room in which you first enter from outside. Even with the best welcome mat in the world, dirt and mud is likely to be trampled in at some point. Wooden floors and tiles can be easy to clean but carpets may prove a little trickier. What’s more, the hallway is one of the home’s busiest areas, so flooring that can handle a lot of traffic is important. If you don’t have the budget to replace the entire flooring, invest in a fantastic runner or rug to add interest. This will also offer some protection from stains.

Hallway Flooring


Clutter up

The hallway can be a dumping ground; coats, bags, shoes, even mail, can all clutter up the hallway in no time at all. But this ‘clutter’ is an essential part of everyday life, so why not make a feature of it? Ornate coat hooks, beautiful coat stands and vintage shoe lockers will not only add interest and detail but are practical additions that will ensure your essential clutter not only becomes part of the furniture but looks fantastic too.

Hallway Clutter


Paint job

The staircase is an integral part of most hallways. But if these have seen better days, why not rip them out and start again? This will completely transform the look and feel of your entire home. However, a word of warning. Staircases are essential to the structure of your property and are governed by strict building regulations, so make sure you get an expert who understands the rules and will adhere to them to undertake the work. For a quick spruce up, varnishing or repainting the woodwork will give your stairs a fresh new feel while those slightly more ambitious and skilled in the DIY stakes could replace the spindles and balustrade.


Art of the home

The hallway is a fabulous area to experiment with art. It adds interest, something some hallways are completely devoid of, and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Postcards from your favourite travel destinations, family photographs and reproduction prints are great ways to add personality. You could even get a selection of your favourite Instagram shots printed and use a multi-aperture frame to showcase your photography skills. Alternatively, let a huge piece of framed art take centre stage. Just make sure it’s a picture you love, because you are going to see it each and every time you walk into and exit your home.

Entrance Picture Wall


Jacky’s Top Tips for a Great Hallway

  1. Use a welcome mat to greet guests and their muddy shoes
  2. Floor guests with an attention-grabbing floor covering
  3. Make a feature out of everyday clutter
  4. Don’t be afraid to take on the staircase, but employ an expert who can help
  5. Add interest with art

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