Bathroom Blues? A Bathroom Makeover That Doesn't Break the Bank!

Bathroom Blues? Make a Splash With a Bathroom Makeover That Doesn't Break the Bank!


Bathroom renovations command quite the price tag – ranging in price from around £2,500 up to £6,000 and beyond. For the average Joe or Joanne, this isn’t small change, especially after all the expense of the festive season. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and you don’t have to put up with a damp, dark and lacklustre bathing space that offers little in the way of practicality. Here’s how to style your bathroom, beautifully, without a major renovation and with plenty of functionality.


Get creative with key items

A bookcase serves a dual purpose of storing bathroom items in a beautiful and creative manner, while a screen separator can act as a focal point while cleverly dividing up key areas within the bathroom space. For a touch of vintage chic, check out your local antique, brick-a-brac or reclaimed furniture store – but think laterally, don’t restrict yourself with a dead-set idea; often the most perfect pieces of furniture are those that you wouldn’t find in the bathroom section of DIY stores.

Add a little greenery

Create the look of luxury by opting for a neutral colour palette teamed with natural materials such as slate, wood or stone. Add interest by bringing the greenery of the outdoors in, albeit in an unconventional way. Plants that are well suited to bathroom humidity and low levels of light include bamboo, orchids, snake plants, the aloe plant and spider plants. What’s more, these plants aren’t only for aesthetic purposes, as they can purify the air and make your home a healthier environment in which to live.

Get dramatic

Overhauling your colour scheme is just about the most effective way of renovating your bathroom without a spending a fortune. For a big impact change, choose to brighten up throughout with an airy white or monochrome palette – with pale bases you really have free reign for any accessories you introduce and the brighter and bolder, the better. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you may want to go dark and dramatic with a deep grey, purple or blue hue; for contrast, add splashes and flashes of brightly coloured accessories throughout your dark colour base.

Be untraditional

Want to know the secret behind magazine worthy bathrooms? They all opt for certain elements of the non-traditional. Be inspired by innovative uses of free or incredibly cheap materials, consider how you could refresh old furniture or fixtures and discover ideas for up-cycling on Pinterest.

Imposing artwork

Artwork is a key trend that we’re going to be seeing more of in the upcoming year, and for those with tiles or paper that could really benefit from being hidden away, this may well be an ideal solution if you can’t afford to overhaul your wallcoverings. Choose artwork that complements the colour of the wall onto which it’s placed, brighten a neutral base with a collage of bright and bold artwork that ‘pops’ or go big and imposing with artwork that covers a wall almost in its entirety.


Top tips for renovating the bathroom without breaking the bank

  1. Look to existing furnishings around the home for that new bathroom accessory
  2. Reasonably-priced additions, such as imposing plants, can have a big impact
  3. Add drama with a bold new colour scheme
  4. Invest in some bright accessories that will draw attention away from tired features
  5. Artwork in the bathroom is huge; with everything from postcards to poster prints earning plenty of style point


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