Tribal Style Guide


Tribal is going to be bigger than ever this year! Here are three key elements to invest in; 

Wall Art

Wall art and photography are brilliant at creating a strong look for your space without taking up the footprint that furniture and ornaments usually would. Invest in Mario Gerth with his wonderful series of photographs inspired by African and Indian cultures. 


Handcrafted, D.I.Y and found furniture will work wonders to create that Tribal vibe. But remember, your home doesnt have to resemble a Chiefs hut! Pick out a key items - like the coffee table, light fittings and rattan furniture is always a timeless addition to both indoor and outdoor spaces!


Here's where you can go crazy; pillows, vases, decorative ornaments - the lot! Invest in good quality fabrics, skins and hides because they will stand the test of time and are incredibly versatile and can be shifted all around the house.