Laufen Bathrooms, Toilets, Baths & Sinks - EDIT, Swansea

With a precise Swiss design and manufacturing philosophy, Laufen Bathrooms is a firm favourite of our team - which is why we are so pleased to be able to offer the designer brand to the general public, architects and designers alike. This 'function meets design' led brand has won many coveted awards throughout its lifetime, most recently a Red Dot product design award, an Elle Décor international design award and a Green Good design award to name but a few; not to mention the long list of designer and architect collaborations which has created some of the brand's most iconic pieces, including L+R Palomba, Pheonix Design and Wiel Arets Architects - just some of the reasons we love this brand and its products, and we are sure you will too!

Laufen bathrooms enjoy international acclaim. The Swiss company is synonymous with design, quality and function and is part of the strong brand group. Be it suites or individual bathroom objects - Laufen Toilets, Laufen Baths or Laufen sinks, their bathroom products speak the same design language, integrating seamlessly into any of EDIT Home & Design design concepts.