Top Tips For Creating The Ultimate Workspace In The Home

Top Tips For Creating The Ultimate Workspace In The Home

Working from home is becoming increasingly fashionable. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for all home offices. Often, home workers will make do with converting the family dining table into a makeshift office, which is all well and good if it’s a one-off, but if working from home is a regular occurrence a more permanent space is most definitely needed. But if your house is already bulging at the seams finding a dedicated area can be challenging. So it’s time to get creative.



Spring is the perfect time to have a clear out. Put some serious time aside for every room in the home and empty each nook and cranny, getting rid of any items you don’t want. As well as ridding your home of unwanted clutter, a good clear out is a fantastic way to see exactly how much space you could utilise for your new study.


Find your space

Spare bedrooms, a loft or even a shed all make fantastic home offices. But for those without the luxury of these additional spaces, don’t despair. Your epic declutter may have revealed some dead space in your home. With a little bit of creativity, the area under the stairs or a small alcove could be become the perfect home office. Opt for a fold down desk that can be stowed when not in use and a chair that will complement the existing décor and voila, your own dedicated workspace.



The same goes in the master bedroom. But tread carefully, while it may be ideal for a bijou home study, do you really want to roll over in bed and see your to-do list? If budget and space allow, invest in a floor to ceiling cupboard and use the shelves as your desk and storage. Buy a gorgeous chair that will look great in the bedroom, and keep the cupboard doors firmly closed at night to ensure the work/life balance stays in order.


Desk job

Everyone’s job is different, and so therefore, are everyone’s requirements. However, the one thing most of us will need is a desk. A good work desk needs to be ergonomically designed to ensure you have adequate leg room for long periods of sitting. It also needs to be big enough for all the tools of your trade: paperwork, a laptop and all the other paraphernalia we need to do our jobs.



But after that, the choice is yours. Personally, I would invest some time sourcing the perfect piece that complements the existing style. Then, when it’s not in use, it will tie seamlessly into the rest of the home.


Are you sitting comfortably?

If you thought a decent desk is important, that pales into insignificance when it comes to a good office chair. Make sure yours is adjustable with plenty of lumbar support to keep back pain at bay. Armrests and headrests are also nice-to-haves for additional comfort. Looks should come a close second to functionality but the plethora of office furniture on the market now means there are some gorgeous office chairs that will look great and keep your health in check.


Light show

Where possible, ensure your home office gets plenty of natural daylight to keep productivity and creativity on a high. It will also help brighten your mood, ensuring even the most tiresome tasks get ticked off the to-do list. Unfortunately, natural light lacks a little in the winter months so your office will need a little help in the illumination stakes. A great desk lamp is a must and again, use existing interiors as inspiration when it comes to choosing yours.



Go green

Almost every office I can think of has at least one plant in it; and it’s not there to simply look good. Plants in the workspace are said to increase productivity and keep stress at bay. So make sure your home office has at least one. The great thing about plants is they quite literally come in all shapes and sizes so no matter how unusual, minute or quirky your office, you’ll always find one to fit.



Top tips for creating your home office

  1. A good de-clutter will reveal possible work stations if spare room is lacking
  2. Always invest in a good quality desk and office chair
  3. Where possible, use natural light to illuminate your work station
  4. Get some greenery. Just seeing plants is said to help with productivity and reduce stress
  5. Keep all work-related documents in your home office to keep the work/life balance in check

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